OK Auctions are a kind of games where some paid features (Invisible mode, 5+ Mark, etc.) act as lots and the points you have scored as the bids. You can earn points, for example, in the Moderator app by checking users' photos and other content. More about this here.

To take part in an auction:

  1. in the Games section, open the OK Moderator app;
  2. in the top right corner, next to points, click Auctions;
  3. select the desired lot (the paid feature you want to win);
  4. enter the bid sum in the corresponding field and click "Place bid".

Please note that your bid needs to be higher than the current bid. If nobody makes a bid higher than yours before the auction ends, then you win the auction. You will be notified of that and get the feature. Also, points are deducted from you in the amount of your bid. If you do not win the auction, points are not deducted from you.

How to win an auction on OK? There is no magic button that ensures victory. Keep a close eye on other players, raise your bids, participate in the auction regularly, and you will definitely win!

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