If you have been sent notifications with requests to delete the extension ""Free stickers in OK"", StikerOK (and other extensions for sending stickers and emoticons on social networks), or the Customer Support Team has asked you to do it, don't worry – you'll find the detailed instructions here. The truth is that these plug-ins can steal passwords, causing virus banners to appear on various websites. They may also cause problems while displaying and processing web pages, including OK. To delete StikerOK: For Google Chrome:
  • open the Chrome menu from the browser toolbar;
  • go to the ""More tools"" menu;
  • select ""Extensions"";
  • click the trash bin icon next to StikerOK or any other extension for sending stickers and emoticons in social networks;
  • click ""Remove"" in the window that shows up.
For Mozilla Firefox: - For Opera: - For Internet Explorer: - For Yandex Browser: - For Amigo Browser: -
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