• Details for donations
    1. Topics about collecting funds must include: firstly, the ward's parents' bank account numbers, the charity fund's/clinic's bank accounts numbers, secondly, details for wire transfers via WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI etc.;
    2. All details for donations on the ward's site, in the group topics and in charity funds' groups topics must be consistent. Otherwise the reporting shall be deemed invalid. No links to other social networks are allowed in topics about collecting funds.
  • Reporting collected funds
    1. Upon receiving funds, the administrator or the moderator on a weekly basis creates a post in the group listing each donation (amount, date, sender details). At the end of the topic, the total should be specified. Images with reporting documents are to be posted in the Reporting collected funds album;
    2. The group must have an album called I helped, where users may upload confirmations of their transactions;
    3. The administrator or moderator must post topics listing and describing all expenses in the group news feed. Documents, receipts, contracts and other documents confirming expenses must be uploaded to the Expenses reports group album;
    4. The documents confirming the amount to be collected (bills) must be no older than 6 months;
    5. Reporting documents confirming expenses may include:
    6. - documents confirming transferring funds to a clinic's account;

      - receipt of purchase of a wheelchair/prosthesis/implant;

      - receipt of purchase of medicine or travel for rehabilitation;

      - photos of tickets;

      - receipts for other expenses the funds were collected for.
  • Location of the ward's treatment
  • If the ward is sent to a specific clinic for treatment, there must be a topic created in the group listing details about the clinic: country, address, phone number. If possible, also include photos of the ward from the new location.
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