• All ward's photos and documents must include a link to the OK.RU group;
  • The photos (including the group's profile picture) must not be of low quality or feature erotic, scary or repulsive content (including clear signs of illnesses, wounds, injuries, various stages of medical operations, bandaging wounds, preliminary medical and diagnostic activities etc.);
  • The ward's photos must be posted in the Ward album: before the illness, during the illness. The photos must be up-to-date and correspond with the ward's age;
  • Medical documents must be posted as images to the Medical documents album. The album must include the following documents:
    1. Abstract of medical record (several pages, if necessary);
    2. Medical diagnosis and/or recommendations;
    3. If the collection is for treatment in a specific clinic, the clinic's bill with total cost must be included;
    4. If the collection is towards buying a wheelchair/prosthesis/implant, include a bill or another document confirming the sum to be collected;
    5. If the collection is towards buying medicine, include the prescription and a document confirming the cost of medicine (manufacturer's bill, a link to a drug store price list, a photo of the medicine with price tag).
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