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added June 2 2013 at 22:27
I love Csyo! It's just a STEEP Arta. I love her! I'm her fan! Fan! Great! Love, love, love! And I like to write in English, so make and write in the language. I Express my gratitude to her. For all she's done for me. I hope we are best friends forever. I want to be for her as Rozalitta, Nastya and Peach. I also love. Love Xue, Nastya, Rozalittoo and Peach! Very. Your Rainbow Dash. I wish you luck.
это её шедевр до сих пор на компе у меня *О*
она ещё хранится у меня на компе *О*
Нян ксюшкО и феня *О*
added October 17 2012 at 18:42
КсюшкО няшкО.
Ксюша супер класс! Кто не согласен тому в глаз! *О*
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