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La începutul anului 2017, s-a anunțat că Unsplash a fost denumit pentru a deveni companie privată. Acum, a fost lansată o actualizare semnificativă a unor features care vor spori și mai mult creșterea platformei. Mai detaliat o sa gasiti pe pagina blogului nostru.
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How long can you stay away from your computer? Shutdown Day, held between 2007 and 2009 promoted the idea of a holiday when people would go without a computer for the entire day. Would you challenge yourself?! Share your opinion in the comments below. #OnlinePresence #ShutdownDay #WithoutPC #HealthCare
Every day, Google processes up to a billion #search requests. No matter what service or product your company sells, there are dozens of #keywords that match your industry. Check out a few proofs of this vital need for any entrepreneur in our latest blog 👇
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Текущая обстановка в мире настораживает, но давайте посмотрим и на что-то хорошее во всём этом! Экономике Молдовы, как никогда, нужна поддержка. Поэтому: - Он-лайн торговлю не приостанавливают. - Придерживают налоговые выплаты. - А компания Simpals предлагает бесплатное создание интернет-магазинов для бизнеса. - Ряд крупных банков придерживает выплаты по кредитам. А, по окончанию карантина, мы, как потребители, можем поддержать отечественный бизнес, пользуясь его товарами и услугами.
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After Instagram's hidden likes, Twitter's banned political advertising, it's time for Facebook. The company announced the whitepaper regarding to the online content regulation. Take a time and look at VP Content policy Monika Bickert's document.
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Всех затронул карантин. И для тех, кто не может работать дистанционно, мы подготовили подборку вариантов того, чем можно занять себя и своих домочадцев! #QuarantineLife #ЧемЗанятьДетей #Карантин #ЧтоДелатьДома #КурсыОнлайн
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One doesn't simply build an incredible website. You have to take in the attention some follow stages: - Identify buyer Persona and content types; - Think about topic generation; - Use headlines like: quick tips, tips and tricks, secret of, best of; - Design your visuals; - And work with SEO.
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Of course, you would like to find a digital marketing technology and forget about any problems, but it's not so easy as you think. Put aside your admiration from the first sight, your trust doubtful analyst vendors, and old technology that worked before. Better way is #DesignThinking, when real humans create better experiences for other humans. #DigitalMarketing #MarketingTechnology #DigitalMarketingStrategy #ThinkAndCreate
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Do you know, how does influence ergonomics on our performance at the work? A lot! *Your desktop. *The meeting room. *Brainstorming space. *Private or relax place. All this can be improved by ergonomics, and to make your staff ideas and efforts reach to the sky! #Ergonomics #MarketingAgency #MeetingRoom #DigitalMarketing #WorkSpace
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How much is enough for advertising? Each company determines its budget strategy by their own. Let's see, what are they: 1. Spend as mush as possible! + startup - temporary 2. Allocate a % of sales. + 2% or 5% of revenue + simple & safe - not flexible 3. Spend what the competition spends. + simple - market specification 4. Base budget on tasks & goals. + targeted + effective - expensive - risk #AdvertisingBudget #DigitalMarketingTips #SmallBusiness #AdsStrategy #AdsBudget
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