14 Feb 2019
"Concept" series. A distinctive feature of glasses is the spherical shape of the glazing (bending in two planes) and the central gate on stainless hinges. Decorative side stand may have a different design. Windshields with a wicket door are made of a system of aluminum profiles with a protective coating - anodized or powder painted. The top profile has a hidden groove for installing the awning. The lower profile allows you to easily fix the product to the hull of the boat or boat and hide fast
26 Jan 2019
Windshields with central opening section (walk thru door) are fabricated with a system of aluminum framing with protective coating – anodizing or powder coating. Upper frame has a hidden engaging groove for inserting connection frame of the boat’s tent or any other accessory. Windshields can be fixed to metal deck holders or plastic console. Windshields are equipped with: - Strong and compact swiveling support bars that strengthen the frame and allow fixing it at various angles. - Rubber seal
18 Jan 2019
15 Jan 2019
11 Jan 2019
9 Jan 2019
24 Oct 2018
24 Oct 2018
Congratulations to the «volgamarine» football team on victories! We wish you success and high results. Поздравляем футбольную команду «volgamarine» с победами! Желаем успехов и высоких результатов. . . . #volgamarine #football
28 Sept 2018
Aluminum profile. The hot rolled glass. Sealant. Beautiful design. When the windscreen becomes - Premium Алюминиевый профиль. Калёное стекало. Уплотнитель. Красивая конструкция. Когда ветровое стекло становится - Премиум . . #volgamarine #windshield #boats #boat #sea #river
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