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Russian Slang Words To Help You Speak Like A Local 😎 Indeed, understanding the language Russians use in their daily life might be hard for someone who doesn't know the multitude of slang words used in the language. Here are the frequently used Russian slang words to get you started: ✅ Бабки [babki] – “Money” The literal, somewhat rude meaning is “grandmas”, but the actual meaning is usually “money” or “bucks”. Here’s an example: Бабки есть? [Babki yest'?] – “Got some money?” This word is most
"Да нет, наверное" [da n'èt navèrnaje] 💁 These words you should know when communicating with Russian people. This expression means: I am not sure, but most probably no. Or: I am not sure, but I think no. People can reply to you like that in many cases. For example if you ask: "Вы будете чай?" - "Would you like some tea?" "Да нет, наверное." - "I think no." But if they answer so, it means they are not sure in their answer. It is not a firm No. So if you really want them to do that thing, you
Dear friends, this Saturday we are talking about LOVE ❤ We believe love is a universal language so everyone can understand it. Join our speaking session! To get zoom link for free, please register using the link in the Instagram profile header or here https://clck.ru/TE6KJ 13.02.2021 13:00 Minsk time ⚠ Limited to 10 participants! ⠀ ⠀ #russian #russianlanguage #studyrussian #learnrussianwithus #русскийязык #курсырусскогоязыка #visitbelarus #travelbelarus #beautifulbelarus #valentinesday #2021
Russian idiom: "Ангельское 👼 терпение" [angel`skoe terpenie] - patient as Job What it means: fine moderation, good patience, endurance to the things which make the others lose patience. Example: У шефа ангельское терпение, я бы на его месте, тебя уже давно уволил. Is there any similar saying in you native language? ⠀ #learnrussian #russian #russianlanguage #studyrussian #learnrussianwithus #русскийязык #курсырусскогоязыка #russianidiom
In the ⚡ difficult conditions of 2020, we held out for a long time and did not raise the prices of our courses. Now, in order to maintain the high quality of training, thanks to which we have been awarded many 🏆 honors and received recognition from students, we are forced to increase the prices of our courses from 📆 January 20, 2021. Have time to pay before 📆 January 20 and learn at the old 💰 price! We are waiting for everyone who wants to learn Russian at our school! #learnrussian #russ
С Новым годом! 🎄 Пусть этот год принесет вам много счастья, удачи, улыбок, тепла и света. Пусть он будет полон ярких красок, приятных впечатлений и радостных событий. Желаем всем в новом году быть здоровыми, красивыми, любимыми и успешными! #learnrussian #russian #russianlanguage #studyrussian #learnrussianwithus #learnrussianonline #новыйгод #рождество #2021
Wishes for a 🎄 Happy New Year and ❄ Merry Christmas in Russian. ❄Короткие поздравления С Новым годом! С Новым годом, с новым счастьем! С наступающим Новым годом и Рождеством! С Рождеством Христовым! ❄Официальные поздравления Дорогие друзья! Уважаемые коллеги! Примите наши поздравления с наступающим Новым Годом! Позвольте пожелать Вам оптимизма, хорошего настроения, счастья, творческих успехов и новых свершений! Надеемся, что наступающий год подарит уверенность, спокойствие, удачу и успех в
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